Should I appligize a shy girl for being little pushy?

I asked her out, but she is extremely shy and said no. After a while maybe 2 weeks i asked again but no again, and i text her how can we get to know each other if we dont speak and date.
I think i was little pushy, and i know she likes me.


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  • How are you sure she likes you

    • A mutual friend of ours said that, she likes me but extremely shy to met, she needs some times.

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  • But she said no twice now. Once maybe but twice? I don't know if she truly likes you. Either it's just flirting or u are misinterpreting her signs

    • I know she is extremely shy, and said she is not ready yet to meet.

    • Well then u just got to take it slow if u like her that much. just text her and make her feel more comfortable. Don't ask too personal questions since she's shy and treat her like a "friend" so u can get closer

  • How do you know she likes you? The evidence you've provided points to the contrary.

    • A mutual friend said that.

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