Do I even have a chance?

About 2 years ago I hooked up with a co-worker of mine. It was a one-time thing as she decided not to continue and several of our co-workers we're starting to talk about us. However since then we have become even closer friends. We often go out together with some of my friends to watch basketball games. We work on things together, and I help her editor school work. I noticed how much more time we were spending together so I actually asked her if she wanted to do something for Valentine's Day but she said she did not want to go past our friendship. Another night we were out with both of our friends and I kind of hit it off with one of her girlfriends and she seemed to have been trying to prevent her girlfriend and I from talking. Long story short we spend a lot of time together and we have become closer and really good friends and I enjoy her time. What should I do and how can I possibly get out of the friend zone? I don't believe it is possible as I have a shorter than her and that has always been a reason for women to hold back from me.

It is at the point now where if she does not hear from me throughout the day she starts texting or calling me more. She even sends me Snapchats of her waking up in bed every morning recently.


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  • Lol friend zone can suck my dick. Dude go for it! If you think she is the slight in to you then be confident end tell her stright up!

    Best of luck!


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  • Not really.


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