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Ok so they say typically when you do online dating you most likely will never run into the person well let me just say now that's not true. In my history class this semester there is a girl I believe I messaged I wasn't hoping to avoid interaction then my professor though a wrench in my plan when today she goes you 3 will be working together on this project I just take a deep gulp and go oh shit in my head. Cause I didn't plan for that I just thought I might be able to get through the semester without much interaction with her. It actually got to a point when she was sitting there I started to feel really uncomfortable and almost had a anxiety attack especially when we made eye contact

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  • Why is it awkward if you were both on the same dating site and then saw each other in person? Did you not think the people on dating sites populated the world? And if you specifically search for people in your area, did you not think they would be in that actual area? So the possibility of seeing them was likely.

    • I mean I knew she was in my same city but in my class at the exact time I had scheduled and like I said it was horrible when we made eye contact I don't know what she was thing and she didn't know what I was thinking

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    • She's just giving you her attention because you're the one reading it, that's all. She's probably waiting or anticipating a response to the assignment.

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