Why does my ex boyfriend still want to see me?

My ex and I broke up 3 years ago because I moved to a high school across the country. We were both 15. Now 18, he has had a girlfriend (from my old school, his current school) for 2 years and a few months. He has continued to talk to me throughout their relationship. He was caught once by her and she completely freaked out (about a year ago). Yet, he continues to talk to me to this day. When I am in town, which is often, I visit almost every other week, he wants me to meet him places but doesn't want this "current girlfriend" to find out or even know that we are talking. He has set up different accounts so that he can talk to me without her knowing. He continues to ask me for pictures and when I ask him to come visit me sometime, he says "she" would kill him, but he will "someday". I'm going to see him this weekend at a party for the 1st time since the day I left him when we were still dating (we broke up after I had moved because the move was not planned, sorry if this is super confusing). But he says he will make sure that his current girlfriend does not attend the party because "it would be bad" if her and I were both there but he's been wanting to see me for awhile. What are his intentions?


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  • 1. He isn't fulfilled in his current relationship and seeks that fulfillment by interacting with you.
    2. He knows he's being disrespectful and a jerk because he's trying to do it behind his gf's back, and you can't respect that. And also why behave like he is ashamed to be talking to you or seeing you?
    3. Recognize his shitty behaviour, regardless of whether your interactions with him are pleasant, and call him out on it.
    He needs to stop disrespecting his girlfriend and be honest, and if he still has feelings for you then be clear about that and stop giving you the wrong impression (that he does still have feelings for you) if he is remaining with his current girlfriend.


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  • sympathy sex , i miss you sex, we can cheat sex, and any other form of sex. this guy is way to obvious for you not to see this. i mean if you have to ask you already know the answer. how would you feel if your guy was doing this? and think about what he is doing to her now.

    not a very smart idea let this guy find another girl to have his fun with dont get in the middle of something you dont need to be in.


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