Does this Girl like me or am I friendzoned?

I'm friends with a Girl at University but lately I feel as though she's being a bit too friendly since she has a boyfriend. We've known each other for months, but at the start she was extremely shy around me, and wouldn't say much to me. However in the past month and a half the following has happened

-She's gone out of her way to do favours for me, like helping me with coursework.
- Has asked me to hangout on a few occasions
- She seems hyper when she sees me in person these days, such as waving excitedly, stroking my hair, touching my hand etc
- She's starting to talk to me online all the time, and she's the one asking me questions
- She gave me her number, so that she could invite me whenever she would go somewhere.
- Can be very sarcastic online, jokes around, sand says things like "I hate you" jokingly
- Last time there was a group of us hanging out, and she offered me a lift, and she was lingering around me the whole day.

I asked to hangout with her the other day since she told me she hasn't been up to much and she responds with "Great idea, that sounds good"

I'm not trying to persue her relationship, I feel like the friendship matters more to me. I've even tried to stop talking to her, but she eventually asks me how I am, and besides I don't want to cut her off completely since we're on the same course and we get along great with each other. It's just strange how she's gone from extremely shy around me, to being super confident.

Is she just being a bit too flirty, or is it possible she could like me, or am I in the friendzone?


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What Girls Said 2

  • To me it either sounds like you her 'Plan B' or she thinks of you as a close friend (does she know your heterosexual? because I act like that around my male gay best friend).
    by the way, I'm right there with ya. Got a guy who has a girlfriend who acts similar to me.

    • You bring up a good point!! Funnily enough this Girl's best friend is a Lesbian, and the friend went out of her way to give me her number not long ago, and her friend is quite chatty to me, and most of the males she talks to are not straight.

      However they both know about a girl I liked before.. so I'm not sure.. Maybe I'm her `Plan B` like you said.

  • She's keeping you around as a second option.

    • That could be possible!! Didn't really think about that

What Guys Said 1

  • It seems she's showing signs of attraction, but never ever ever mess with a girl with a boyfriend, or else the same shit will rub you in the face someday.

    • I won't, I'm just talking to her like a friend, it's just that lately she seems to be a bit too friendly, another thing is that she's stopped mentioning her boyfriend these days, whereas before she wouldn't shut up about him... Even online I try to end the conversation by saying things that she can't really reply to, but then she starts prolonging the conversations by asking me questions... I can't cut her off because we get along great. but I'm just worried that her boyfriend might think that she's being too friendly with me.

    • So do u want her romantically? Don't try to bs yourself by saying you're ok "just friends" if you don't really feel that in your heart.

    • Well yeah I kinda do... but she has someone, so I think I should just move on and find someone else, but stll remain friends with her since we get along really well. I can't just cut contact with her since we go to the same university, and do the same course... I have tried cutting contact with her, but she comes back and starts talking to me again.

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