Trouble with long distance boyfriend?

So my long distance boyfriend hasn't talked to me in almost two weeks now. We recently had our first major argument but we made up and the last time we spoke he seemed completely fine. He told me how much he loves me. We talked a bit about planning to see eachother soon. He pretty much talked to me all throughout that day. The next day I sent him a text that I love him. Two days after that I basically sent a text telling him I miss him and over a week later... Nothing. So today I didn't have the balls to call to try and talk to him. I'm actually really nervous to hear what he has to say because now I feel like he wants to break up but I don't want to wait for him to initiate anymore so I basically sent a message stating that I'm confused and I don't know if I did something to upset him and if I did he should let me know. I also said that if we're done I need closure and that I don't want to erase him from my life and wonder what happened. Anyway... What I'm asking is, Did I do the right thing by contacting him first? Is it okay that I want closure? Does anyone have a clue why he would ignore me so suddenly?


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  • I think it is ok. he probably doesn't know what he feels... guys get rattled. it could be he has other girlfriends... I don't know him... and he's busy. guys don't like dealing with relational problems.

    Its ok to contact him to understand where you are at.

    • That could be a possibility. He knows I'm not the jealous type and might have other girls that I don't know about and think nothing of it. I'd rather the truth though than nothing at all. Thanks for your answer.

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    • haha... I wouldn't say that, but likely hood of a young needing a sex release is around 99.8%.

      I wouldn't go too far with what I'm saying,
      If you aren't the jelous type and you were open to him having other girls, then that is a possibility... combined with he doesn't know what he feels now... although he just said he loves you...

      I went 2 weeks without communicating with my LDR girl and I just took a break without warning as I was... ahemmm... talking to other girls... But she knew I could and said I could as I said she could. We've never met though. It is easy to drift off when not in same space, where there is no commitment... and not know what you think or feel.

      you'll just have to talk to him... when he's ready to talk...
      First major argument... is interesting... could be something in that... although resolved, pushed him away.

      this is like sherlock holmes... I'm looking for clues... lol.

    • Lol yeah it's a mystery until he speaks up but I appreciate your insight and response. Thanks.

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  • Two weeks is a super long time to go without talking to your partner. I'm in a long-distance relationship as well and we talk every single day. I would be worried if we went one day without contact. You did the right thing reaching out to him. If he has an issue or no longer wants to be together, he needs to tell you that. You deserve to know what's going on and if he does want to break up, "ghosting" is not the right way to do it. You need the closure of actually talking and hearing it from him. I hope he will respond back to you soon so you can figure out what's going on.

    • Thank youuuuu. I feel like I'm going crazy wondering what he's thinking or even if it worth continuing after he's left me hanging so long. Definitely hurts to the core.

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    • Well, there's always that possibility. Unfortunately, it can be "easier" to cheat in a long-distance relationship. That's why trust and honesty are so vital.

    • Definitely!!

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  • Carry the remainder...

    Oh my bad, I thought you said long division...


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  • Yes you did the right thing. You have a right to closure and knowing what's going through his head and why he's not talking to you. Open communication is important in a relationship, ESPECIALLY long distance. I have no idea what the situation might be though.. Have you tried to contact him somewhere else? Like FB message or something? Maybe he broke or lost his phone? Maybe he's on a trip somewhere?

    • We're anti social media... And I do wonder if something happened to him sometimes. hopefully it's nothing major.

    • Ahh okay. Is there anyone else who might have been in contact with him that you can ask?