Can love and lust be combined?

  • yes. that is called true love
  • no. they are separate feelings that never meet
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  • With love, lust may follow. But it doesn't work the other way around. If a person looks at you through lustful eyes, they will always see you in that light.

  • Absolutely

  • Yes surely

  • I love my girlfriend but I think of porn during sex sometimes.


What Girls Said 2

  • This may just be me, overthinking words, again... wouldn't be the first time, lol.

    But -- to me at least -- the word "lust" implies more than just desire, horniness, or libido.
    "Lust", to me, is what you get when physical AND EMOTIONAL triggers are pulled. "Lust" is when someone pulls deep, instinctual, irresistible reactions from yr body, yr heart, yr mind AND yr soul.


    In any case --

    Girl this question makes me sad.
    Or, more properly... That you feel the need to *ask* this question -- meaning you've never even come *close* to feeling the two simultaneously, to such an extent that you question whether the combination is even possible -- makes me sad.

    The answer to yr question is, "Fuck yeah".

    You think you've felt "alive" before?

    Just wait until you FEEL for someone -- in a way that makes you want to scream "I love you" AND "I hate you" AND "I'm obsessed with what you do to my heart and soul" AND "I'm scared shitless of what you do to my heart and soul", all at the same time.

    Just wait until you have the chance to "say" all of those things, with yr body.
    All at once.
    To fuck like you want to destroy the world... AND to make love like there's no world other than the two of you right there... At the same time.

    That's feeling ALIVE.

    ... Fuck yeah.

    Nothing else in this life even comes close.
    Nowhere close.
    Not even sort of.

    But... it's dangerous.
    Once you've felt this... you'll throw away EVERYTHING, if you have to, just to feel it again.

    Dangerous indeed.

    But... Nothing else comes close, in this life. Go hard, or go home.


  • I think you need a lesson on love and lust from @redeyemindtricks... like really

    • many people disagree with her views on love and lust

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    • That doesn't mean there is nothing to be gained from listening to other people

    • I did listen to her

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