Should a girl approach a guy she likes even if she won't be 'putting out'? Question could also be about a guy?

Essentially, is it a waste of time for a girl to try to meet a guy even if she doesn't plan on sex?

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  • no she/he shouldn't. whats the point?
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What Guys Said 1

  • I put "no" but I'd like to put "yes". I just don't think the world works that way anymore. Actually I don't think it ever did, I just think courting rituals allowed people to prolong the whole process (putting sex off for later, perhaps all the way until marriage).

    Guys want to have sex, especially the younger ones. They're impatient, horny, sexually-confused creatures who can't separate lust and intimacy just yet. And if they're the desirable types of men that are going to receive competing female attention, generally they're going to choose the girl catching their eye who is willing to have sex.

    So I can definitely see a point to doing it, but I think it's not going to go so well for most girls who approach guys with no intentions of putting out. That is, unless he's like a shy and unpopular virgin type of guy, in which case he might eagerly wait forever provided that you're giving him attention.

    • thanks for the honest answer. I assumed that would be the likely case, especially with younger people.

What Girls Said 2

  • Why on earth shouldn't she, I don't get it? What's with the idiots voting b?

    • Yeah thats what i like to tell myself, but honestly many guys my age aren't looking for anything serious, and if they were they 90% of the time expect sex.

  • How can u decide that fast u want to have sex with him if u dont even know him that well? U can approach him and decide later if u want to have sex or wait.

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