How many times do you have to ask or confirm a date?

Just like the title says, I asked this lady to go out yesterday, she said something like, i don't drink, to which i replied: that's ok, we don't have to drink alcohol or something like that. we can't somewhere else. and she just said... hahahha, ok. and that's about it.

Since she didn't comment anything else or suggest like a place... i didn't ask again, and since yesterday, after i did the invitation, she's been a bit cold with me, like more distant... so that's why i don't know if it's a good idea to confirm things with her about the invitation, or like remind her..

Should i just drop this shit and move on? i don't like keep asking or beg for date or something like that.

any suggestions or observations would be much appreciated.

i hate those unclear or misleading signs that most women have xD


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  • It doesn't sound like she's interested honestly but maybe she's expecting you to pick another place since you asked for the date? So the conversation would have been like: "i don't drink" "that's okay, we can go somewhere else" "haha ok" and you go "how about this coffee shop?" and she says okay. So maybe she was waiting on you. If you're interested I would suggest a place and see if she's still open to it, but if not it's not worth anything more.

    • that's the think, since she didn't add anything, i wanted to actually continue with the whole invitation thing, but since she's been like distant and cold, i basically left everything. because, i don't know if she's doing this as a sign of, i'm not interested, so i'm gonna act like this, expecting me to lost my interest.

    • Maybe she's acting that way because she thinks you're not interested because you didn't follow up haha. Just sounds like a lot of room for miscommunication here.

  • Unclear or misleading? Seems pretty clear to me. Here's a question for you - if she really wanted to go out, do you think she'd be acting cold and distant?

    • she could it just said, nope, i'm not interested and that's it, move on, that's what i mean. that, hahha, or those "signals" are completely unnecesary. just cut the crap and answer what you think. a polite answer it's not a good or honest answer, just say exactly what you think, no matter what.

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    • Yeap, well, I guess I will pay a visit to the strip club instead. That's another way I guess.

    • Have fun. Be sure to tip.

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  • did she actually agree to go on a date or not? if someone says yes , it be ok to text them to confirm once that day I guess just to make sure they were coming , could be like " see you at 6:30 at... place " but basically something simple that doesn't come off as too obsessive

    • nope, she didn't agree on anything, literally just said, hahaha and ok, and that's all i got. she didn't even ask something like: ok, byt where would we go then? or what do you suggest? or what time? anything, she didn't said anything. that to me it's a sign of complete disinterest

    • I don't think she's even interested in going on a date to be honest , based on what she said , she didn't even agree to anything

    • yeap, i will drop everything then. no point on begging