Why would a guy ask a girl out on a date, then never follow up?

I'll try to keep it direct but, sorry if it gets long...

Met a guy, talked/hung out once (strictly platonic) and he asked if I'd like to go out again sometime but as a date. I said yes.
Then I don't hear anything for 2 weeks.

Then we kind of start messaging a little bit on fb--there's nothing flirty, it's all pretty general and the only thing he says in regards to before is that life's been hectic and he's sorry he hasn't contacted me to hang out... not go on a date, but to hang out.

FB messaging goes on for about another 2 weeks and then turns back into texting. For the past 2 days we've been pretty much text talking all day.

Thursday night he asks if I like hiking. I say yes. He then mentions he's planning to go hiking Friday afternoon with his best friend... doesn't directly invite me to go, and never gave me any details for what time or anything this would take place. The only reason I knew where it was happening is because I asked where he was planning to go, just as general conversation.

Today of course I don't hear anything.

What gives? Did he want me to go or not? On one hand why bring it up if you weren't inviting me, but on the other why so vague with details? The past few days he's been the one reaching out contact to me, so it's not like I've been prying into his life... this isn't the first time I've gotten run around with a guy either so seriously if there's anyone with any insight please share.


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  • Maybe he changed his mind


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  • Some people are like that. Anyway, you shouldn't bother.