My family thinks im being dumb for holding on?

I met a guy and we really connected. The problem he had to leave back home and now we are gonna be long distance, plus he is a bit younger then me. We have been dating for about a month. I did not make the relationship official because I want to make sure the both of us want the same thing while being apart. I didn't make any promises, but we did establish that we would not see other people, since I don't think it would be fair for either of us to play each others heart strings. I am not gonna throw away everything to be w/him, but I am going make the effort to keep what we have going. He is very sweet and respectful and is willing to wait. I did not tell me family that he asked to make us official. Dating has been a mess, finding super desperate guys or ones that only want one thing.

I know they are concerned, after all I got out of a relationship almost a year ago and I was crushed, but I think this guy is different because we share more compatibility.


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  • No it's your life your being optimistic about this as you should. Your family is not dating him you are. If you go off of what people want for you instead of following your own heart you will never be happy. Trust me I've missed out on some really nice guys because I wanted to follow my families advices.


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  • Is there a question you are asking of us?


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