Does He Like Me or View Me as Hook Up?

I'm 28 y/o female and recently had 30 y/o guy revisit me from my past. I used to be head over heels for him but settled for sleeping with him on and off for years when I was single. I always assumed he knew how I felt about him and that he would drop me when he met someone he really liked. I decided I couldn't go through the pain anymore and cut him out without saying anything to him. He called me very often at first and continued to for over a year. I never answered and he always left messages asking me to call him.

This was five years ago. During that time I found out he got married, and I was distraught. Just a couple months ago he emailed me saying he just filed for divorce. We continued to talk for a few weeks before he asked me to catch up. I declined and said I had no interest in just sleeping together again. He insisted he truly wanted to hang out, so I agreed to. We saw each other twice, and he was very sweet. I was very optimistic about how things were going.

Now just recently he told me he thinks we are better going our separate ways. He said he wants nothing more than sex right now, which he said he didn't think I was ok with but to let him know if I changed my mind. I was devastated as I didn't see this coming at all. I had a hard time believing he orchestrated all that in an attempt to go back to sleeping with me.

Is it possible that he really did want to see me again, but then realized he isn't ready for a relationship yet? Would he really have come back all these years later and done all this just for sex again? I'm not seeing anyone and would consider hooking up briefly again to see how things go, but only if there was a Chance he really was interested in me. Then if after a couple months nothing has changed, I could cut ties with him again.

So, do you think he did all this just for sex? Or did he miss me but realize he isn't ready for more, and wants to hook up in the meantime? Any input is greatly appreciated!


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  • He just wants your pussy


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  • He views you as a hook up.

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