Did I screw it up?

Me and this shy girl at work have been flirting for a couple months, i asked her out but she said she was seeing someone. Not my problem and she kept flirting even heavier then before so i asked her again and this time she admitted it was a boyfriend. so a few days later she broke up with her boyfriend, only thing is i found out a week later, and after i had lunch with the new hot girl everyone won't stop ranting about. she saw or heard or something, so now she hates my guts, like to the point where i said hi to her as she walked past me and she completely ignored me. i dont even like the new girl so now I've been ignoring her to show the shy girl im not interested in the new girl but she's still pissed. I've already asked her twice so my pride is on the line, any suggestions on what i can do without straight up confessing my feelings again? basically show her im not a player like she now thinks i am.


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  • Oh wow. She has you wrapped in her finger.

    • around* not in

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  • Ask her to talk and tell her what happened. Say that she had a boyfriend and you took that as she was off limits, so you started to get to know someone else. Once you learned she broke up with her boyfriend, you realized you still have feelings for her (this isn't directly confessing your feelings, whereas you're saying that she got your attention).

    It's on her if she wanted you and didn't tell you she broke up with her boyfriend (now don't tell her it's her fault).

    Best of luck. I don't see it anyway of telling her you aren't a player without saying in some form or another you have feelings for her.

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