My girlfriend has been indirectly bringing up a long term future, babies, and marriage in our conversations?

she would show me her friends getting engaged and married, and having kids. she would slide into the conversation "if we were to continue further..." she talks TO ME about raising a family and being a mom by age 30.

her sister is engaged, and my girlfriend said to me today "if we ever were to get to that point..."

and here's the real kicker... a few weeks ago we talked about what we think are nice names for kids...

can someone please tell me whats going on here and whats going through her mind when she talks to me about this?


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  • She is trying to hint you that she wants your relationship to be heading towards that direction.


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  • Well, obviously she's looking at this as a long term relationship. How long have you been together?
    You're 23 so it's not totally outrageous to be thinking ahead...

    Part of a relationship is learning what each other want in the future, and that can make or break a relationship. For example, she may want kids and you might not, in which case that could be a deal breaker.
    These conversations are good to have fairly early on, maybe not on the first date but before you spend 5 years together only to find out that one of you wants marriage and children while the other wants to just keep it informal and live a life of going out and having fun without worrying about kids.

    That's all... She's just trying to find out more about what you want in the future, to see if you're eligible to be "the one" for her.

    • i met her two years ago, we always had something extremely special since the day we met, but it's been on and off since about 4-5 months ago when i told her i'm done with the bullshit games and want something serious now.

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