How long between texting?

I've been texting my crush more because she finally said she liked me. I don't want to creep her out and message her everyday now that I know she likes me. The last time I messaged her was yesterday and we didn't talk much because I was afraid to say something stupid. Should I message her tomorrow or wait till she messages me?


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  • If she likes you then don't worry about coming off desperate, and don't worry about saying something weird. As long as you're not sending her like 300 texts to get her attention or sending creepy messages then I'm sure you'll be fine.

    Remember that she likes you. Would you be annoyed if she texted you everyday? No. So why would she be annoyed if you did it?


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  • Just never think about it.
    Anybody who thinks you seem desperate if you text back quickly should go fuck themselves.

    Most people appreciate if you answer whenever you can.

    By the way, your crush fucking said she likes you. That means she'd definitely want you to reply ASAP because if you don't she'll think you don't like her or something.


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