What is wrong with not wanting a boyfriend yet? Or having one but you don't have sex with before marriage?


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  • You're 19, I wouldn't sweat it. I didn't get my first until I was my early to mid 20s and it was someone I really cared about. Probably the first one I truly fell in love with.

    Marriage is a little overrated if you ask me. The ones that pressure you into marriage are either ones that have gotten married early and want a marriage buddy, your parents, or the media/religion. The only thing about getting together with someone for sex or marriage I would think that is important to think about is at what point is it right for you to raise a child? Especially women, unfortunately, you probably have to think about it more so. Because your chances of having a healthy boy/girl that has the right amount of chromosomes and things like that deteriorate the closer you get to your 40s. Also, it's easier to find a suitable mate the younger you are and you both have more time to be active with your kids the younger you are. Also, you have more time as far as working and income accumulation for retirement and for child savings and such the younger you are married. But, either than these things, it's all up to you when you are ready.


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  • It's not wrong to not want a boyfriend, although unusual. But in my opinion it is wrong to not have sex before marriage. Relationships aren't relationships without sex. I would have nothing to do with you.

    • Well not really. Not having sex before marriage or having sex after marriage makes a huge difference

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    • I suppose.

    • exactly. and you guys just dont like girls like me for it & again it is pretty funny

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