Now he wants me?

Met a guy 3 months ago, went on few dates then got friend-zoned. He gave me some lame excuses that I believe were all lies, but it doesn't matter. He was very interested in staying in touch and he kept texting me and asking me out and I most of the times I said yes and we would hang out like friends. I honestly just kept him as an option. I think he was seeing someone else during this whole time, even though he was claiming she's just a friend. Well we kinda lost touch and didn't talk in 3 weeks. Then he called me yesterday and said "Hey beautiful, how are you? If you don't hate me, I'd love to take you on a real date this weekend. Yes?". Ammm what? I mean I still like him, as a person, but I can't imagine having sex with him after he friend-zoned me. We acted purely platonic after that for few months and it resulted in not having any sexual feelings for him anymore. What do I do? Maybe if I give us a shot that attraction comes back? Also, why does he want me now?


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  • because it was not working out with his other girl, maybe he got friendzoned there?

    • Yeah I'm pretty sure that's the case. Would you give another chance? He met her before me, though.

    • would i give a girl a second chance after she makes me her second choice? lol no.

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  • I am sitting here, dear, Seeing what I always Refer on Gag as a "Full Circle Problem Pattern." This means This is Going in Circles back and forth, Just heading 'Back'... To the Same old thing.
    He is Not into A Real Relationship is his lame duck dick excuse. It's not actually a"FriendZone' but more like a TwilightZone of a Comfy Con who Doesn't want to get too Cozy with Any One... Rosie.
    It's your choice, your cal, but he will Never change With... If you don't hate me...
    What you are Feeling is a "Turn Off," so Think about This... Why would you Want to Waste any more Time in this "Hate" Slime?
    Good luck and You can do Better. xx


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  • Maybe you should... if it doesn't work out at least you tried, right?


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  • Boys are stupid. I've been in that situation. Just tell him you don't see him that way.

    • boys are stupid
      under 18

      yeah ok.

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    • *have

    • You can't expect a girl to wait around for you. There is nothing smart in that.