Was he checking me out? or not really?

Was he checking me out? or not really? So yeah... the other day I was talking to this shy guy who I think is super cute ^.^ It is very hard for me to catch his signs (I heard shy guys are hard to spot). But he is always around my vicinity. Anyways I went up to him and talked to him... but then I caught his eyes looking lower than my face o. O;; then up again LOL So did I caught him in the act? was he checkining me out?


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  • There isn't a certain way to know. Both men and women examine foreign persons' bodies from head to foot, and it's done less out of attraction than curiosity and instinctual safety.

    It is very possible that he was checking you out, but it isn't knowable from that information alone. It's to your benefit, of course, to believe that he did. I see no drawback to simply interpreting it that way.

    You could always go up to him and find out. Shy men tend to be open to women who make advances.


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  • Yup! It's that two second flicker lol, always catch guys doing it (teenage boys who don't know what subtlety is).


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