Girls, what tips would you give to men to differentiate friend zone and date material?

What is the fine line between friend and potential lover friend?

What type of guys do you friend zone the most?

Do you friendzone confident guys too?

In my case I have seen that guys that are "too nice" or who come across as needy get friendzoned.

Guys who dont show much attention are usually the ones getting attention? Ironic?


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  • Okay, you need to understand that girls don't just meet a guy and suddenly decide "hmm, I'll put him in the friendzone, or I'll put him in the potential lover zone." It doesn't work like that. That's why some people say the "friendzone" is a myth. The truth of the friendzone: you're my friend. Just like my female friends. They are in the same "friendzone" as you. It's an unconscious choice based on attraction. I'm sure you're not attracted to every girl you meet - and it's not that you meet a girl and choose if you're attracted to her or not, it just happens. Sometimes you might meet a girl and not really think about how attractive she is, but after getting to know her you suddenly feel that attraction happen. That's how it is for girls too. If I'm attracted to a dude, then I'm attracted to him. If I'm not, then I'm not. Sometimes that can change, but other times it can. But it's not an active choice. And it will be different for everyone. Some people find confidence super attractive. Others think being overly confident is a turn off.

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