Girls, Which is more shallow, guy rejection based on boob size or girls rejecting based on height?

I feel like most girls will go with what the guys does being disgusting and pervy whereas what the girls does is perfectly acceptable, I mean she has to have be able to go for the tall ones right?

  • Guy rejecting a girl for having small breasts is more shallow
    80% (8)
  • Girl rejecting a guy for being too short is more shallow
    20% (2)
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What Girls Said 2

  • I don't view either as shallow. Everyone has the right to have their own preferences. The ones who view those preferences as shallow are the ones with insecurities about themsves.

    A tall guy doesn't generally view a girl as shallow just because she prefers tall guys , the guy who is short in height is more likely to though. The same with girls with small Boobs They are more likely to view a guy as shallow because his preference is bigger Boobs.

    People shouldn't be condemned for their own preferences or for what turns them on and off.

  • I'd say they're pretty equal.