Dating American guys vs Dating British guys. Which one do you prefer?

Im neither American or British. Im an Asian woman who have dated British guys and never thought i would date an American until a few months ago and we're still together ( he is a marine)

Id say I've been missing out all this while. Haha. Some of the things that I noticed that American guys are more forward in expressing their emotions and British guys are more reserved. But British guys are more put together as compared to American guys that are inappropriate at times which is refreshing to me. Haha

Some British guys are a moaner (complains a lot) and constantly thinks they are better than americans or any nationality. LOL but they are a gentlemen and still very chivalrous.

What are your takes in this.. and do you have any tips on dating American guys or what to expect? Because im not used to this and been with British and Asians most of my life...


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  • Definitely never go into any pub that's playing a football game in England. They put the immature redneck americans to shame with the coarse language they say in those places.

    Honestly it's going to depend on the individual. The two countries cultures are very very similar that it really will just come down to the individual. Both have shy and reserved and both have outgoing people. Both have very crude and very modest.


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  • I don't have a preference.