I feel texting is ruining the dating scene - anyone agrees?

I feel that the magic is being incredibly lost because of texting/social media messaging.
I mean, for example, I started talking to this guy a few days ago (we have a mutual friend and study at the same uni). He is investing a lot in texting me, asking me all this personal questions, we're talking about very interesting subjects. He has already asked me on a date (next week) but keeps texting. I feel that all the good stuff, all the interaction we should be having in person is being lost, although the conversation is great, I would rather stay days without talking to him and then, when I'm with him, create a beautiful and full moment. I keep saying goodbye and that I am busy, but later he texts me again, and I actually am starting to feel that maybe I am being too rude in his eyes and he does not deserve that at all. I know he is being sweet and investing in me, and I really want to talk to him too, but I feel that I am losing so much by keeping this going on.

Does it make any sense to anyone? What should I do?


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  • What you say makes sense to me. But I've come to realize that if there's a spark and a connection it won't matter if you talk via texting. When you see them in person it will still be a amazing time. Like now I appreciate texting with my boyfriend as we can't see each other during the holidays much. To me it makes me feel close to my boyfriend when he's not there. So it can be a good thing in some cases.

  • Then call him. See him in person.

    He's making all the efforts and you're just complaining. Really?

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