I'm feeling inadequate & embarrassed?

I've been talking to a girl for a few months now, we dont see each other daily were in early stages so we both have our own lives at moment. We click, have similar interests, physically attracted to each other but I feel I'm not good enough for her. she's cleverer than me & more sociable.

I lost touch with my mates when they got married etc, I still see em bit only every couple of months. Sometimes I have no plans at week-end due to not have anyone to do anything with. If I do do something its usually on my own eg swimming etc. I feel pressured when she asks what I'm upto, like I feel like I always have to be doing something to keep interesting to her. Its not very attractive is it if I'm always doing stuff on my own? I am trying to make new friends but sometimes it just doesn't work out.

I feel sad, I dunno whether to tell her how I feel or try to work on it myself in private without telling her? She did say her feelings are growing for me & that she loves me for who I am but I dunno I don't think she will keep it up.

If amyone wants to message me privately feel free, especially if you've been in my situation before.


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  • Are you implying your average and she's not?

  • No, if you are doing stuff on your own it shows you are not afraid to just enjoy yourself. I wouldn't look down on a man that did that. Honestly, just ask her out. There is nothing worse than a man who likes a girl and won't ask we out! Especially if we know you like us. She sure won't keep up liking you if you don't make your move. She will move on. Don't worry, just ask her.

  • I'm so there with you my friend. It's hard to make friends as you get older and your friends are hitched and/or have kids. Used to think I was the only one. So know now you're not the only one with this problem.

    Just be yourself. I have felt like this with a man before and he was nice enough to turn me onto one of his favorite hobbies but honestly I don't have many of my own. I always worried I was too boring for him. I still wonder sometimes if that was one reason we broke up. I am really trying to find out what I actually like to do and develop some fun hobbies myself.

    Best of luck to you.


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