Distancing? What to do?

So, Her and I had tons of plans to do stuff over the summer together. We kept in good contact, talking about the things we were gonna do. However, I realized whenever I asked her to hangout just me and her, with friends, etc, she would ALWAYS ignore the message. I'd try more, and eventually she would respond with some excuse. Then, it didn't stop there, she just plain out ignored me for everything I did, tried to send, call etc. Eventually, I confronted her on it, and she apologized saying she was sorry for being distant then goes right back to it.

Finally, after a little time, we start talking again, and me and her agree to hang out. We pick a day/2 and try to find a time, but now, again, she isn't responding to hanging out. At this point I'm just wondering whats going on, because when I don't bring up hanging out, she will say something like "oh, lets go get *insert*", "Hey, you want to go *insert*", and I'll reply and say yes when, and then nothing. I have always done everything I could for her, tried to be there and help her, so she surely knows I care about her.

My thought is this, some days I get blatantly ignored, while others she will talk and joke all day. She always brings up wanting to do this or that, but when it comes down to figuring out times or days, she never responds. I don't know what to do, I care about her, and want to try and do stuff with her, but I don't know, any help?


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  • She doesn't like you. She's leading you on.


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