Whats going on, any help?

My Female friend and I are pretty close. Text everyday, had plans to hangout, always been there for her, better and worse (we are really close). Recently though, she's been growing distant from me. She ignores my messages, and calls, and attempts to do anything. At first I thought maybe because some other guy was in her life (which I get it, boyfriends and stuff), but no. Then I thought, maybe something happened but no. She just plain out ignores me, and only seems to contact me now when she has a purpose. I confronted her and she said sorry for being distant but went back to it soon.

She was planning to come over to my house and watch a movie together, I said yes, but the day she proposed I couldn't. She said ok, and I offered more days, we laughed and joked, tried to figure out a new time, in which she said she's just going to get her schedule. All the while she starts ignoring more messages and so on, I bring it up again, asking what day she would be free, and proposing times myself, and she didn't even reply (read it though). Proposed hanging out together with friends, nope. I care about her, always have done everything I could for her, but what now?


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  • I've been through a similar experience. Just drop it with her. Honestly, if a girl wants to talk to you and hang out with you she will make the time. It is really not that hard to shoot off a simple text message. I am sorry. Just know you are not alone.

    • Thanks, I guess I sort of know she's not worth the amount of time I put in her (because she doesn't seem to want to put time back). One side of me doesn't want to lose her, and always remembers the times we had together, the other side is just fed up, and upset.

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    • Yea, thanks, I guess its just hardest being ignored the most. Like at this very moment, I send her something asking her to do something, or her opinion, doesn't even open, and is talking on social media and so on. It just sort of hurts. Thanks for the help

    • You'll find someone better, no problem!

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