Do you agree you never mention that you rejected someone?

Ok, so I talked to a female friend of mine and she basically told me one of the guys at our uni asked her out and she turned him down. I was honestly appaled and frankly disgusted by the mere fact she told me that. I barely know the guy, have seen him around a few times.
But I just hate the fact that she rejected a guy and then told someone. I dont like the fact that this guy can know risk other people at our university knowing that he went up to a girl and wasent good enough.
When you reject someone thats between you and that person you're doing that person a huge disservice by telling others why he wasent good enough for you, its quite selfish that you do that and also dig a confidence boost by spewing it out.
Agree or disagree?


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  • I don't know how she said it or in what context, but personally for me, I would tell a close friend of mine if that happened - not to mock him but to just confide in someone about any guilt or doubts I have.

    I'm inclined to say that she was just telling you because she sees you as a close friend... but then if she said rude snarky things about the guy then you have the right to be appalled

  • I agree. Why go around saying this? Just keep it to yourself - especially if it's a bit awkward or embarassing for the guy.


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