Maybe I misread things , but though this girl liked me now see she is dating a woman?

this really tall and attractive young women works at a restaurant/sports bar I go to. she stood out because of her looks , model tall and attractive. guess that's why I first noticed her , I've never really made any effort to date her , haven't even really made much effort to get to know her. I just sort of picked up a vibe that she liked me , she like had this look when she was around me ( she never actually served me so wasn't trying to get a tip $ from me ) I generally have a pretty good idea if a girl is interested in me or not and she was displaying a lot of the signs that she was interested in me. maybe she still is interested and just wants to be friends/hang out party I'm really not sure but not looking to date me.
anyways today I completely randomly came across her instagram profile , was browsing pictures from town she works in and clicked on her a picture she posted. then I scrolled down and she all these sexy girl on girl pics of her and her lover who she's been with for over a year. I just wasn't expecting to find this , that being said I don't know her very well and only attracted to her at this point , not emotionally attached. where to go from here? it also doesn't appear that female lover is around at this point , like she doesn't live here with her.
another option is it possible she is bi-sexual and looking for something on the side from a guy? maybe bored with her lover? I'm just confused cause I was pretty certain she liked me and attracted to me , if nothing else she is one of the hotter lesbians I have seen in a while


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  • I think this is a situation that you can only get your answer to if you actually get to know her.

    • I'm confused I saw her at bar other night and she didn't seem to pay much attention to me but did seem to have her attention when she was at work , its a different atmosphere there though , but do agree I'd need to get to know her to find out more

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