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I'm interested in finding a way to engage in just some sort of online chat or email with a woman. Something geared towards just conversation and erotic talk or story telling. I don't want anything face to face or friends with benefits but just the mystery of conversation. Anyone know where I'd even start with something like this?


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  • You could always join networking sites, such as Facebook or Myspace and strike up an online conversation with a woman. From that point, exchange e-mails and take off from there! You two never have to meet, or talk on the phone. Let her know from the get go what you are looking long as you the lay rules down, there should be no problems. Oh, to really enhance the discretion of the could always use a some sort of stock photo for your profile pic or not use one at all. Find a woman who doesn't have a profile pic or is using a stock need to see one another if all your gonna do is e-mail back and forth.

    • So would you be interested Shy?

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