Can texting too much push a guy away if so how do you draw him to you?

I prefer to talk on the phone or facemail to face interactions. But when I text a guy that I like I enjoy talking to him and I get excited talking to him. I like a guy now and he told me that he likes me too. The guy I like now use to respond to my texts pretty fast but lately I notice he doesn't respond as fast. I asked him a couple times if I was bothering him and he said he's just a bad texter and he's been busy. A couple times I felt he was ignoring me because he wasn't responding as fast as I would like. A couple times he responded days later. Should I stop texting him first and start letting him reach out to me?


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  • Don't apologize for texting a lot and don't overthink a delayed response. Some people, myself included, don't like to talk just to talk. Create meaning in your conversations. Educate yourself on his interests and ask about them. He will reiterate by discussing your interests

    • Thank you. That was good advice. I'll try to ask about him more. I just don't want the conversation to be forced. Im not sure of a good way to bring his interest up so that the conversation flows. Sometimes I think I'm not good at texting.

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  • I think you need to let him reach out to you, some guys might think your pressuring them honestly. But just think if a guy was overly texting you a nd you were busy or looked and forgot. Things happen. But it could be worse and he might be into someone else too. You just need to play it by ear and stay cool. He knows you like him but it's his turn to step forward to you a little. It can't be you making all the moves

    • You're right. It can't be all me. He knows that I like him so if he likes then he needs to show me. And yea I dont want to be annoying. But how long is too long. After how many days of not hearing from him should I just move on? And if he's into someone else that's fine I guess...=/ it would suck but she can have him if that's the case. I don't compete for guys. But that would suck. I was wondering if he was spending time with other girls.

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    • Good luck girl!

    • Thank you ^_^