Guys, when you give an eskimo kiss to a girl you are sleeping with/ dating, do you have feelings for her? How about a kiss on the cheek (in bed ;) )?

I think the guy I'm dating is developing feelings for me (which is super duper great, because I have strong feelings for him). We have a great time together, and Saturday we spent the whole day in bed together.

I'd like to know though if I'm wrong or reading too much in those things! Thanks,


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  • Well your dating so he has feeling for you already. Are they getting stronger. Probably time usually does that especially if the relationship is going well and your enjoying each other company. An eskimo kiss is nice I guess but I wouldn't use that as a measuring stick on how strong is feeling are developing. You start to see it in his demeanor and eyes.

    • Well we have not been dating for super long, (2 months approximately) and Saturday was the first time he did those to me.

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    • Haha I dont know how true the whole country of love and romance thing is... Guys are guys here too ;)

    • Hahaha. I know. I watch too movies and France stereotypes. Seems the relationship is moving in the right direction. Be patient with it and let it blossom.

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  • That's really cute. He might be.


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  • Okay why the fuck would you do that to someone you DON'T have feelings for?

  • Those kisses are sometimes more intimate because usually it requires eye contact. let things take their course and relax and enjoy. breathe goodluck hugz n smiles πŸ€πŸΆπŸ€ remember communication is the base of this all...

  • Why would I be saying her if I didn't have feelings for her?

    • Well some guys date girls just for the fun of it / for physical relationship/ sex. No?

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