He hasn't called yet?

One of my friend set me up with this guy. We talk on msn , then skype on the phone for hours about anything and everything. Then he ask to meet me, I said OK. Since his car was broken, He came and pick me up with friend, and then we went to his place. At first he was talkative, but seemed really shy, on the other hand his friend was all over the place, sat down right next to me and talk to me the whole time while the guy was fixing a laptop (he is a computer engineer). He did not talk to me a lot, he would stare at me but not say much. Then I decided to go home, and his friend proposed to give me a ride so I said yes. I went home, and send him a text message stating that I got home safe, and thanks for the nice afternoon. He replied, "cool, I'll talk to you later". Couple hours later he calls me and said that he was happy to see me, and that he wish we could have talked more and that he was sorry he was busy and stuff, I didn't say much except it is OK I guess. Then around 1 am he sent me a text message asking what I was doing, I told him nothing special, he replied he was feeling lonely and stuff , I told him that he shouldn't since he is always busy and having friends at his place. He said that 2day was a special day and it is not always like that. Then I couldn't send anymore text message so I told him, and he said that it was OK good night, I said good night.

Since then I haven't heard from him, no text message, no msn, no skype, no phone calls. It's been three days now. What do you think happen, Why isn't he calling? Sorry for being long.


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  • I don't think that he was that interested in you to begin with, since he brought a friend on your first date (which was at his house, lame) and was fixing a computer the whole time. This is very immature. I would have got up and left. And he let his friend take you home!

    Then he texts you at 1am after he blew it, saying "I'm lonely" which means he wanted you to propose a hang out, which would lead to messing around.

    This guy is rude and only in it for sex. Even if he does call, I wouldn't go for it. There are so many wonderful men out there who will take you for a real date, take you home afterwards and kiss you goodnight.

  • okay so obviously you shut him down; by bringing up that he wasn't paying enough attention to you. . .. if he's txting you that early in the morning to talk he's interested but he probably doesn't think you are, be confident and make the initiative to talk to him again, keep it flirty yet confident there's nothing more sexy then a girl with confidence can I get a Amen? haha soo if he bites then yaaay! and if he doesn't then to hell with him keep steppin, on to the next right?

    • I guess you are right. I did let him know that he did not paying enough attention to me.

      Since I am very impulsive, after reading your message, I send him a text say hey what's up, hope you are alright. No answer yet. Well at least Ill know for sure now