Girl said one thing, then did this, help?

Talking to a girl, who I was supposed to hangout with this week. We have been pretty close lately, and I really care about her (I have tried to always do things and so on, and have even told her, so she knows I like her). She went to a concert over the weekend, and I was kind of asking her about it. Eventually, asked her if she wanted to still hangout, and watch a scary movie we had planned to watch together (She actually was the one to come up with the idea, I further approached it, and we tried to find a day together). She said she was "Still trying to to recover lol". I tried talking to her a little more, but she ignored all my messages after that.

Eventually, hours later, she puts on social media "Scary movie weather, who's in". That kind of broke me a little because here she said we would, but she was "trying to recover" and now she's asking other people. Im kind of hurt, since I did care about her. How would you take this?


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  • I'd give her a bit of space. I don't exactly know how long 'eventually' is, but seems like it's not long enough for her to take things at her own pace.
    I see the social media thing as a bit of a joke? Maybe it's her indirect way of saying that she's 'recovered' now, to you.
    Perhaps wait a while, and try again :)

    • Yea, as soon as I liked the social media tweet, she deleted it. Still ignoring messages so any idea to that?

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    • Yea, except she's still ignoring me, and still posting other things so I know she has seen it. Secondly, I asked her when she could BEFORE she posted that status and ignored me. Now she posts that, I like it, and she reads everything and ignores it. What about that?

    • Do you still see her in person?

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