Why is it only old ladies flirt with me in dating apps?

In dating websites, it's like hundreds of ladies I flirt! Never a single one flirts back!
Unless she is old, or not as good looking as I am!

Guys! Thoughts! Experiences!

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What Girls Said 1

  • If you're seriously only 18 or so I'd say catfishes.

    Please don't be like some other girl on here the other day that was pissed that certain guys even hit on her.

    Honestly I learned young that if you have to go to Walmart and somehow find a bunch of nasty guys hitting on you its your fault. Tits and Ass hanging out otherwise they wouldn't notice. Glasses turn them off every time even if you are in the same outfit.

    Look though- on any dating site you get a lot of ransoms if you are somewhat cute. At most 1 in 20 people contacting you will be cute and or feasible... But okay now that I said that, with 3 of my 4 boyfriends that I met online, they liked me but didn't contact me first. I guess it's like fishing, no matter who nights first you need to know what you caught and like wise before it gets too serious. That's the art of the game.

    • Thank you for explaining. I want actually to tell you the site is called beautiful people. So they evaluated me before I enter.
      And when I found that the girls who liked me are more than the girls who disliked me.
      I thought to myself perhaps I will have good chance here!
      And then again same story happened, I flirt and flirt even the ones who I don't like in order to increase the possibility.
      And no one even seems to care for me.
      It's as if there's some mystry happening

    • Even with the ones you don't like to increase the possibility?

      Possibility of what? Hook up?

      If you don't like them why flirt?

    • Oh and because you are on a beautiful people site that changes the playing field. In general pop you may be top dog but on a pretty people site you may be lower rung.

      Now it makes more sense that 39 year olds are hitting on you. Those ladies are putting looks before anything else and may be more likely to shop for fresh meat. Some younger guys like aature woman but that obviously isn't your thing. These women are shallow and that is why they are on the site. These women used to be 10's and now they are 8's. You would think younger men that like older women only want 10's but for some reason the ones into older women will take women that are less attractive then girls they prefer that are their own age.

      I keep in shape for my own health and well being not others. I date guys with Dad bodies because that's what I find sexy. Most well adjusted women don't go after a 30 year old. But most people on that site you use aren't well adjusted.

What Guys Said 1

  • It's normal. Dating websites are basically rubbish bin women and sluts. Normal women can get all the dates they'd ever want just by going out and looking approachable. (Sluts can too but they're on the prowl for even more strange cock)

    Rubbish bin women: fatties, single mothers, those with mental problems, and post-Wall women. You're getting the post-Wall variant. They want to think they're still relevant, so they try to get with younger guys. They don't accept that their looks are gone, and no man with self respect will consider them for anything more than a pump & dump. Why would a man with options and self respect invest in a woman that gave her youth and beauty to every drug dealer, criminal, jock, and two-bit musician she could fit between her legs? That's like paying new-Ferrari price for a beat-to-shit Pinto or Gremlin that has a cylinder that's misfiring and a water-damaged interior.

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