Need good first date idea and also advice on how to ask a guy on said date?

-We're both students in NYC so we're poor lmao and young (too young to drink so no bars)
-He already said he was "up for anything" but I don't know how to ask him cause that was just something casual he said while we were texting
-This will be out first time interacting with each other for a long time without others around (i met him through a mutual friend so we don't really know each other that well)
-This is my first time ever asking a guy out and going on a date


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  • Arcade with mini-golf if you have it.

    Use your own words, but make sure you use the word 'date' in there so he knows whats going on. Gotta be clear or next thing you know, you're going dutch and friendzoned.

    My go-to, 'So do you have time for a date this Friday?'
    Can't say that its a never miss request, but it gets all the information out in one sentence.

    • LOL he actually knows I like him cause I asked my friend to hook me up with him so she asked him about me and he was fine with me hitting him up but now that he said yes about that I don't know what to do lmao

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    • Yea 'Hanging out' is not what we're after, and mincing words just leads to awkward confusion.

      Good for you girl, you're not gonna get what you want in this world if you don't ask.

      Hope it goes well, good luck!

    • Haha thanks for the advice and encouragement!
      I actually don't really like mini golf and was thinking about asking him to go see Finding Dory with me but one of his friends already wanted to see it with him so that's why I had no idea what else to do XD

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