Is there a way if a person is genuinely interested in a person that is a actor how would that be done?

I mean say the person genuinely cares and sees the actor as a regular person not as a famous person and just wants to get to have a healthy dating relationship with that person and maybe spend the rest of their lives together. We see many impossible things happen in history that was never done but to find love and especially for like a actor to get to have that and not drama like the media puts out would be awesome so any ideas thanks.


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  • That's generally what people do. Most people don't date celebrities because they're celebrities.

    They date them like any other girl/guy. They meet them in a party or social event of some sort (though a more exclusive VIP type where celebrities attend), and then it's not so different from any ordinary guy picking up an ordinary girl.

    The drama is all media putting a spotlight on the relationship that follows.

    The difficulty is that it's hard for celebrities to stay faithful or last in a relationship since they receive so much attention from the opposite sex. I see people trying to tear Tiger Woods a new one for cheating on his wife so much but it's one thing to think you'd never cheat and another thing to actually be Tiger Woods when you have women lining up to suck your dick every day.

    • Ok, what if this person isn't one that likes fame and is wanting to have a life away from being popular and just being wanting a regular life with someone that is regular and what places would they possibly meet at?

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    • You want to try to date a celebrity? Minor or major? That's incredibly tough. I considered myself lucky just to make an acquaintance with some celebrities here and there and talk to them like real people while working in Hollywood.

      I think you'd have to be able to run into them in their normal lives and really treat them like an ordinary person. For example, you might ask them about nice places to hang out, directions to a place, etc. -- like something you could ask any ordinary person.

      That said, I wouldn't get your hopes up. If you try to contact them (ex: write them a letter, it's already going to be like a "fan letter" and a bit creepy if you tried too hard).

    • I got to go to parties mainly because I had ties to film studios for VFX software I was developing. I was in the nerd group generally working at cubicles, but occasionally got to participate in some of the film-making process and occasionally being able to attend a nice party with some celebrities. I was far from a VIP type, a "pleb" in that kind of high society.

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