What is he thinking? Help me?

Recently I was pretty bothered about a girl my boyfriend knows (few years back. They stopped talking according to his fb, Feb 15 2016, unsure about whatsapp though.) , so I told him about my insecurity, and he said "she's a girl I haven't talked to for years". I told him on the 10 June, around 2pm (tracked my own whatsapp messages), and now, I saw the history search on his Facebook, he searched her slightly after I told him about my insecurity. Also within the 2pm hour, same date. Whats he thinking? Is there anything wrong? I can't seem to decipher what he's thinking. I hope someone can help me out here. U may criticise me for my disrespectful behaviour, but I can't help it, cos I felt that he told me a little lie about the duration he last contacted her. And i kinda feel he is hiding something. Help me please. Thank you.


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  • There are some things in his mind which he wants to get off his chest with the help of this friend. That's not good, he should ask you first.

    • what do you mean by that?

    • actually, i wouldn't know about her. I know the presence of this girl when he told me about her, but not much details about her like how he know her, who is she to him etc. i only that she's same sch as me

    • that's wrong, you should be his only or at least first girl to talk to about such things

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  • I'd assume he might be hiding something as well.
    But it might also not be anything at all. Maybe he searched her because he you reminded him of her existence by bringing her up, so he got curious enough to check her.