How do I get over her…?

its a long story so, ill skip right to it.
last time we saw each other was in March 2015. ever since i have:

ran 3 marathons,1 50k, and 1 50 mile run.
1 regular tough mudder, and 1 worlds toughest mudder in Las Vegas, NV.
2 Jiu Jitsu competitions.
been to six flags.
roller blading in the city.
riding my bicycle 14 miles.
kayaking class.

all these things i have done in hope that i will meet someone and forget about her, move on. I have been unable to meet someone I'm interested in, and I can't STOP thinking of her. weirdest part of the whole thing is she's 8 years older than me. she's just not all that, and YET i feel like no other woman is better than her, can match her. psychics have told me she will contact me…yet she's getting married in the Fall. i feel so…lost, confused. i just want to meet a girl, fall in love, get married, start a family (be a dad already), and get a house…I've tried online dating sites (all rigged), girls show interest, but none that I'm interested in.

what do i do? any advice would help.


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  • Sometimes when you are single you continue thinking about the last person you dated because that was your last experience and you have nothing new to think about. I do that all the time. I am currently still thinking about someone that although he disappeared on me, I knew it would never work and wasn't as into him as other guys I have dated. But, it has been a couple months and I STILL think about him just about every day. I know it hasn't been over a year like you, but me and him only hung out for a couple months. Also, my last relationship was a very long time ago and when I talk about relationship stuff I still talk about that one, because it was my last one. So, I think that is quite normal. Otherwise, you cannot make yourself meet someone, it will happen when it happens. But, it is good that you are getting out there, that should work eventually since you are out and about. I went to a psychic that told me to get out into the world, that is how I will meet someone. I tend to be a homebody so I have TRIED taking that advice but I could do better. You are on the right track but you can't force things and you can't go out looking for that every day, just keep doing what you are doing and it will happen.

    • you seem pretty understanding. I'm from maryland, how about urself?

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  • Alcohol and bang someone else.

    It doesn't always work, but at least you get drunk and laid.

    • wish it were that easy, but i don't drink and even if i did, i can't afford that bad habit. thats why bars aren't an option.

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