When a girlfriend asks what how would I respond if she showed up with a dick how would I respond is this a way she is pushing me away?

When I told her I would feel like she was not being honest about who she was and I didn't have a problem with people that chose that life but it's not for me she told me she didn't like my answer to that question.. How do I know if she is talking about just that in genral to see how I would treat people with different opinions than me or she is really thinking of doing that?


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  • Sure she'd say/you'd know if she wanted a penis

    • She was very clear unless she had a typo which I would be understanding of that. But I can show the text messages to you. If I knew how to do that on here

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    • Well we were discussing having one not adoption

    • And she was wanting to have one with me by birthing a baby

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  • Another option. She maybe thinking about to watch you with another man. Or about BISEX threesome MMF. It's quite common, my girlfriend love it.

    • I told her like when I first met her that I had stuff that happened in my life that would make that impossible for me to do so I guess she has forgot about that.

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