I don't know what to do, I need some relationship advice. Help?

Okay so this girl I dated in middle school, I broke up with like twice for no reason... I don't know I was stupid but I'm in 11th now and I'm still really into my her, she never did anything wrong to me for me to brake up with her. She's talking to one of my sorta friends and has been for about a week now... although yesterday when my brother and his girlfriend (my ex's sister), his friend and his friend's girlfriend, and me and my ex (as friends) went to the movies, I held her hand about halfway through. And she never really told me she did or didn't like me... for all I know she could have been just being nice, also when I was leaving her sister wanted me to hug/kiss her but I knew it woulda been a bad idea and she said "lets not" but when I walked away she said bye in such a happy voice. When I left I messaged her I was sorry. She asked for what? And I said because it was wrong. Thank you for reading this, please I'll take anyone's advice because I don't know what to do


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  • so i don't know about her but dating in middle school means absolutely nothing to me now as a girl in 11th. do you mean she didn't tell you if she liked you or not in middle school? frankly, I don't think it matters either way. that says very little about how she feels now.

    if she didn't react poorly to the handholding that's a good sign. so is the enthusiastic goodbye. both could just be her being friendly, though. her reaction to her sister's teasing could mean anything, so don't look too much into it.

    messaging her the apology was probably not the best idea (I'm still not clear on what the "it" was that you were apologizing for), but if you really are into her maybe keep messaging her just maintain a conversation and show her you've matured a bit (hopefully) since middle school, and if you're comfortable let her know that you're interested.

    also, what do you mean when you say she's talking to a sorta friend? Is she definitely interested in him? and is he definitely interested in her? or is it just kind of a casual thing? make sure you aren't pursuing someone who's just started a relationship with someone you're friendly with.

    best of luck to you dating in high school is very messy (i'm having my own problems right now haha) but I'm sending you good wishes and hope everything turns out well.

  • Doesn't sound like she is ready to rekindle that relationship just yeg because she sis hold your hand but wasn't ready for more.. ask her to see a movie just u two and see if she goes


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