Should I be the one to ask him out?

I wanted to get to know a friend of my friend so I asked her about him and she told him that I was interested in him. He thought about it for a few hours LMAO then decided that he might be interested in getting to know me too so my friend told me to go ahead and contact him. We had already been introduced to each other before by her but I never spoke to him a lot cause I was too shy. Now I'm ready and we've been texting a bit every night (we only started talking 2 says ago). Should I be the one to ask him out at this point? Since I'm the one who initially showed interest?


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  • its nothing wrong if you ask him out. you should do it.

    • Oh it's not that I don't think it's okay to ask him out haha I've asked guys out before XD
      I'm just wondering if in this case should I be the one asking him first? Like is the ball in my court or and I'm supposed to take action?
      In the past I didn't have a question about asking guys out cause I didn't know if they were interested in me but with this guy he already said he was "down with whatever" so it's a first for me LMAO

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    • Haha thank you c:
      And I've texted first every time but we've only been speaking for 2 days so I texted first 2 times XD I know I know, that's really early on to wanna ask someone out but both of us are already aware that I wanna get to know him LOOOOL

    • ahan, well thats ok, i hope you both have fun together
      and no prob :)

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  • Sure, ask him.

    • He never texted me first :c
      I don't think I'm very important to him anyway since we just started talking to each other

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