My crush's bday is coming up. Help?

Im in 9th grade I have a crush on this girl. I don't hang out with her we chat on snapchat like once a week. I want to get her something for her bday without my parents knowing.(they go everywhere with me and buy my things so that's hard) I'm going to c Macklemore in a few days so I can get an autograph for her and give it to her when school starts. Should I ask her what she wants (via snapchat) or should I not get her anything. We don't know eachother well so she wouldn't care if I don't get her anything. Would it be nice or weird to ask her this? How should I go about asking her and what should I get her? (If anything.) PLEASEEEEEE HELP ME!


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  • Don't ask her what she wants or if you can get her anything, just simply say "so your birthday is coming up, ask for anything cool this year?"

    • What do u think she will reply to that? I wanna plan ahead lmao😂😂

    • I don't know I'm not her.

    • Well thanks anyway

  • Don't ask her just get her something you think she'll like. She will appreciate it, no worries.

    • Yea but how do I give it to her? I won't see her until school in August. I wanna tell her that I'll give it to her when school starts or whatever

  • Give her a hug and a kiss (on the cheek) and say "happy birthday".

    • I won't see her until school and I don't talk to her much that would be weird lmao😂😂

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    • I would wait until the day and surprise her - it will have more impact if you show you remembered on the actual day.
      I would get her something small but meamingful if you can... hopefully she will hug you when she says thanks 😊

    • What sort of things is she into? what colors does she like?

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