He lied to me for a year?

Long story short:

lied about out texting a woman 2 weeks after we got in a "relationship". Apologized. I said ok I guess now he knows.

a month after, I found out he was still texting with another woman. Apologized again. Trust was gone and he sure showed me and worked hard to earn it.

a year later,,, I found out he's been texting a whole bunch of women, on his phone and fb, and flirting with women at work.

He admitted to all of this after I saw him delete a message from a woman. He's decided to give me his cell phone account so I can "monitor his calls and texts", his pw to all of his other accounts.

He he says he was embarrassed to admit he's got a very large confidence issues and it made him feel good when women gave him attention, then he claims he never wanted to physically cheat. He said he will deal with this properly but he's asking me not to leave. He's taken me to meet his folks many many times. No one had any idea. His mother just said he's sensitive and he doesn't feel like he's good enough sometimes.

is this guy sincere? Is he a freaking psychopath? What the heck?


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What Guys Said 1

  • A man like him is smart. If I was him, I would give you decoy accounts for you to monitor.

    • Very smart. And someone who pretended like the way he did is a little sociopathic. So many cruel people out there. But he couldn't give me a decoy account. His phone bills, Facebook and emails, I knew his usernames. Too bad for him.

    • I guess I'm a sociopath then XD
      The art of manipulation to get our way is like the power of God

What Girls Said 1

  • No, of course he is not sincere. You should stop seeing him.

    • Thanks. I try my best to understand people. Sigh. Guess he took advantage of that 😒

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