First date tips when you're strangers?

Should I pre-game a little? I'm kind of awkward sometimes but significantly less when I've had a little... but I don't want to over do it and my tolerance is low..

How else to make this date-thingy go well?


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  • Be yourself , have fun , embrace it let go off your worrys and also don't rush anything

    • It's super casual lol and I kind of want to rush things... I'm in a country that I do not live in and I'll be here only for a week longer... but yeah I'll obviously be myself.. but awkwardness and all? *sigh*

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    • Oooh okay hopefully he picks up on those moments... I honestly have no idea how this will go haha. I don't even know where we are going... oh god.

    • I'm sure it'll work out lol

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  • If you are worried about having to make small talk, try to research some questions before hand. Maybe print off some questions and make it a game. Cut up the questions and put them in an envelope. Take turns asking each other questions from in the envelop.

    It could be fun, if you aren't taking it too seriously. I also find taking a walk and not sitting in a coffee shop talking to someone face-to-face allows for more ease of conversation.

    Or do an activity. Make it a friendly competition and go bowling, mini golfing or something that involves points. Then you can razz each other and the loser has to buy the winner ice cream.

    First dates are always awkward for both people. Don't feel bad if you are nervous, it's totally normal!

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