Anyone have tips to help me?

I want to ask out a girl who I went to middle school with and have a crush on to an amusement park but
a. we don't see each other often
b. I have no clue what to say in a text to her asking her out
c. My only day I can go to the amusement park for over 2 weeks is this Friday

please help!

Forgot to add... I also have no clue how to portray it as a date
ok some more details... Our middle school had a festival last week and I hung out with her friend group the 2 days she was there. Before that I saw her about 3 weeks ago at a mutual friends house. Even before tgat i saw her about a month ago at a get togethe for high schoolers that graduated from mh middle school but before thag i think the last time i saw her was months before


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  • If you don't know her that well, it would be best to make it a group thing at first.


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  • Dude chilllll
    It's okay
    We need some serious context and details
    Message me if you mushy
    We got you

    • i added some details but could yoh tell me what you want from the context/details?

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    • for 1 i am not sure but i think there is a chance and for 2 the amusekent park came to mind because i know she loves rolercoasters just like i do as well as me having 2 fastpasses to skip the lines but again im not sure if it is the best idea

    • Well here's my concern
      It's a big date
      It's not like a quick lets get brunch date
      I say if you can do it
      You should be very direct with her
      Women appreciate confindence