Do you mind your bf/gf attend the party alone but no one knows he/she has a gf/bf?

Me and my boyfriend are in long distance relationship. He is going to attend a pool party this weekend, this party is not for his friend birthday, just a public party hold in a hotel that everyone could attend if buy tickets.

I am not happy about this because he's gonna pretend he's single (I guess) in the party, I told him and he said he never attend a pool party before so he just wanna try.

I know he might not get any girls on the party but what if he does? Why I should tolerate about my boyfriend pretends he's single in the party?

How do you think? Do you mind?


Most Helpful Guy

  • You GUESS he's gonna pretend to be single. Why do you guess that? Has he told you anything about that, or are you assuming just because?

    • He always told me that girls are not interested in him and he's upset about that. It seems he's joking but he said that to me too often, and he's always paying attention to girls, wondering how they look. Sometimes he won't stop until I get very angry.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Okay, if he flat out said to you that he's going to pretend to be single, then let him be single and break that off, girl. Seriously, that is so disrespectful. On the other hand, if he's simply going to the party, I don't see a problem with that.

    • The problem is I can't define he's simply going to the party or he's with intention... I feel insecure.

    • Honestly, if you don't trust him then do your sanity a favor and break up. LDR's are so deeply based on trust, you can't be insecure like this.

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  • If he's going to a party and pretending to be single, what would be the purpose? To get a girl of course. Should that bother you? Yes.


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  • As long as HE reminded that he had a girlfriend I'd be fine

    • I think he's serious to me but also want to be single at the party.

    • Tell him that you're trusting him on that one. And if he's really serious to you he won't be acting single. Trust him