Should I be pissed off?

My boyfriend didn't call or text/ reply to me (sent two messages) for two days because he was studying. He failed the exam so had to resit it. Everything was fine before this we spent an hot on the phone prior to it.

should I be pissed or let it pass?


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  • Let it pass. As a student I understand where he's coming from. Tests can be stressful

    • Send him 1 text. And it should go like this

      I know you are studding hard right now. I won't bug you but I just wanted to say that I'm proud of you and I believe you will do wonderfully.

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    • Lol. OMG looking at the time line was amazing. Glad to here it. Next time ask sooner so you don't stress to much.

    • thanks!

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  • Let it go, @Mimsy1990.
    If 'Everything was fine' like Fine Wine before the Sour bal and All, Text him if he ever needs someone to just share, You... Care.
    Many guys sometimes have this Pride when it comes to 'Failing' something, and when a Busy Beaver... They just get Involved with Being Obsessed to be the Best but it's Not like they do Not Give a "Dam" about you.
    Good luck. xx

  • Let it pass. Gotta focus and do well with school work. Would you rather he blow off all his school work and mess up his future for a text? When the test is over he'll have time

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