Sh*tty gf? Should I break up or continue?

so it's rounding to our second month.
she's forgotten our first month celebration, treated my gifts like it meant nothing to her but she keeps this assholes knife wherever she goes, and recently she stopped saying "I love you" and quit holding my hand and giving kisses. I'm so close to breaking up with her right now. I feel like I hate her. Now she won't even say proper good nights over text for the past week.
if she forgets our second month date (which is in two days) should I dump her ass or keep her? Because I'm really fed up.

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  • Well my boyfriend never got to remember our anniversary sort of thing, I sometimes forget it too. So there are some people out there really dont care about anniversary and Im not shitty for real lol.. the thing is if anyone if you in a relationship started to pick on each other. It comes to an end, a nice relationship is to find out his/her flaws and accept it and love who they are. Read your reply in comment saying she doesn't care what you bought him, this is hurt and I understand the feeling like she is taking it as granted, so if both of you are not happy with it, end it asap. Good luck..


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  • It seems you are no longer happy. If your behaviour towards her hasn't changed I'd assume she's losing interest in you.

    Some times when a person changes towards us, we fail to notice how we have changed towards them too. Our own behaviour can cause changes in other people.

    So talk to her , tell her what's on your mind. Then see what here response is before you end it.

  • I would say break up because if your not happy and she's obviously not happy it would be best for both of you to break up... The whole point of dating is finding qualities that you like and don't like for a future wife... It's okay to break up with people if you can't see a future with them then it's pointless to keep them around. You know? I hope this helps... But you might want to talk to her and by talk I mean call her or even go to her house and talk. Talking is the best way to know what is gapping in your relationship. So you know how she feels and you can tell her how you feel.

  • If it's to the point you feel hatred towards her then that's a BIG sign to break up!. Doesn't sound like you want that kind of relationship anymore.

  • I say dump her

  • You don't sound that loving either. Calling her shitty gf!
    I understand why you are hurt. Distance yourself for a week and when you cool down have a talk with her and see what happens.

    • If you knew what I went through, you would call her shitty as well.
      Like who on earth would forget their first month 'anniversary'?
      Plus all the gifts I gave her she just stuffed in her backpack and didn't say thank you, nor did she text me about them. It seemed to never have happened (it was a rose, a box of chocolates, and a heart felt letter)
      I also gave her a silver necklace. She opened it, looked at it and gave it back to me. I had to force give it to her the next day. She still doesn't wear it even though she claims she loves it. But she wears other necklaces instead of mine?
      And this dude gave her a crappy pocket knife he doesn't care about and she keeps it with her wherever she goes. Like what? My gifts mean nothing but some other dudes pocket knife means so much?

      She recently stopped saying "I love you" and doesn't hold my hand anymore. This week she won't even send a good night message.
      So I hope I made myself clear. I call her shitty for a reason.

    • It's clear that she is not interested anymore.
      For the anniversary tons of people forget about them.
      I think she is not ending it because you are being nice to her. I would feel extremely bad receiving gifts where I can't even return someone's feelings. Maybe she is not on the same page with you. Talk to her and decide if it is time to end it.

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