Can anyone give me advice with my relationship situation?

Ladies and Gents, Please do hear me out:

3 months ago, I was in a serious whirlwind relationship situation. It was REALLY bad because I was so obsess with the guy and I liked him VERY much. I was going crazy trying to find answers with his actions.
I got over him by distracting myself and finding a newfound love with surfing. I had a surf instructor whom I didn't really care for, like he was cool, he was JUST there-kinda-feeling. He couldn't finish my surf lesson anymore and passed me on to his friend. It was seriously one of the most eye opening experience for me but a double edged sword. Things do happen for a reason!!

One because: i got over the douche bag that I was SO obsessed about and I thought I wasn't going to get over.

Second: I have never felt a connection with a guy like that before, we share the same passion- he's an outdoor type of guy and very supportive but then again, this is probably because that's the nature of his work and that's his job. I didn't really get to know him outside of work. I caught feelings either way, and now I feel I'm back to ground zero in trying to get over this feeling over again.

I just want someone who wants to be near me, to whisper in my ear, to hold my hand, to put my hair back behind my ear when it falls front, to wrap me in their arms, and tell me he loves me! Still looking for my surfer dream guy... I know he's out there... somewhere? Meeting him pretty much put me in this 50 shades feels FACK.

So I tried flirting with him on text but I kinda got blown off in a nice/friendly way by him not asking me back what I was doing. I am the blue bubble by the way... But yeah let me know what your analysis on this text convo Can anyone give me advice with my relationship situation ?


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What Guys Said 2

  • he's just answering questions with no feeling or counter interest. there is no indication he is pursuing or interested in you.

    • I agree with you and the guy below me "deflecting" and that's what I got :(

  • He's not feeling it. Sorry.


What Girls Said 1

  • Based on this interaction is kind of hard to tell. However, if he was interested he would ask you questions as well.

    • I know and he didn't :(