Still feel a bit weird about her because she moved - help?

So I have this friend / ex-crush who moved away recently. She's an ex-crush because I found out she has a boyfriend via Instagram. We went to college (undergrad) together, but now she is going to law school & moved back home. I still have another year and a half of undergrad. I'm like almost a year younger than her, age-wise. We're all the way across the country from each other now.

We're friends, but not best friends. We used to talk after class, almost every class last semester, but I've known her from a previous class too. We got closer towards the end of the semester.

I am out to her as LGBT. I came out to her discretely by telling her about how I was harassed in high school because of my sexuality. She was like ''Aw! I'm sorry! That sucks! Well, people are more mature here in college.'' and took it very positively.

However, I did NOT tell her I like her romantically/that I have a crush on her because she has a boyfriend. I didn't want to ruin our friendship and make things weird and awkward. I've just been acting like some normal friend & person around her. I guess if she ever did suspect I liked her, she didn't care because she was taken already. People can usually tell when I like them, so I wonder if she was ever able to tell. I NEVER flirted with her though - I KNOW she had a boyfriend.

I know I can contact her electronically as a friend. I tried a few days ago, no response. I don't feel like trying again, at least for a while, because I don't want to seem needy.

I don't want to follow her to her law school because I don't even really want to go to law school. Doesn't seem like my thing. She was a political science major. I'm a gender studies major & political science minor.

I KNOW that nothing romantic is ever going to happen between us, but the distance, even as friends, still feels weird to me, especially with the saying, ''you'll most likely never see her again, unless she decides to come back to visit undergrad or something.''

Any advice?


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  • I think you should stop trying so hard for people who don't seem to care.