Asking for more time?

am I reacting correctly?
I've been seeing someone for the past couple of months, and it went well.
He admitted that he was really attached, but also a bit afraid..., we saw each other regularily and so forth.
However, the dreaded withdrawing period has started... and I can't deal with it at all.
We haven't declared our status due to some other circumstances, but I dont think it's nice to keep my hanging.
When he was pursuing me, I wasn't sure either, but I still didn't leave him hanging but agreed to see where it goes.
Now, he started postponing etc, only seeing me when it suits him and basically not making plans on time.
I told him that I didn't want this like that... it's not nice to treat people as options. I'd like to have more notice etc and being treated with more consideration...
He said he would let me know, but I like security and I like to plan my life and social interactions. Even with friends
Am I being inflexible?


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  • It's all over but the crying

    • yes he ;)
      i am seeing two other guys this weekend lol
      If he doesn't make me a priority and lies into my face etc about crap such as really liking me etc... I dont know whats going on with that person

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    • we are not together anyways.
      haha his feelings are changing weekly

    • I'd not look back. Good riddance

What Girls Said 1

  • You're incompatible as people. I doubt it will work.

    • how do yo know lol?

    • You're more organized, you enjoy planning shit etc.
      It's obvious that he is not like that.

    • well but planning with friends is possible
      and when I was busy, he was complaining?